Derby High School Graduate Is A Hero

A Derby High School graduate now working for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina is being hailed as a hero after a harrowing car chase captured live on national television Saturday.

The terrifying video shows the suspect — after wrecking his car — flinging his 1-year-old daughter like a rag doll.

The video was shown Saturday on “Live PD,” a “COPS”-inspired show on A&E.

The video is posted above.

Luckily, Chris Mastrianni, a former Derby High School wrestler and football player, was there to wrestle the man to the ground.

It’s an infuriating, terrifying video, as the father inexplicably fights with Mastrianni, who receives no help from the public or the camera person as he tries to subdue the unhinged suspect.

The suspect was charged with “child endangerment, marijuana possession, driving under suspension, reckless driving, failure to stop for blue lights and sirens, and resisting arrest. Martin’s bond is set the highest for the child endangerment charge which is $100,000,” according to WBRC.

The State, a South Carolina newspaper, published a story July 10 with the headline “Before ‘Live PD,’ Mastrianni already a fan favorite in Richland neighborhoods.”

The newspaper report includes a Tweet showing Mastrianni giving the little girl, who was not injured, a stuffed animal immediately after the harrowing encounter.

From The State:

Out in the communities that Mastrianni patrols, residents say that’s what they’ve come to expect from “Deputy Chris.”

Mastrianni has been with the sheriff’s department since 2013.


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