Ansonia Commits To Energy Efficiency

As part of an overall effort to reduce energy consumption and embrace clean energy cross Connecticut towns, Ansonia Mayor James Della Volpe recently signed the Clean Energy Communities pledge, marking Ansonia’s official commitment to improve its energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

“Ansonia strives to become a greener community, not just within our city buildings, but we also encourage our local businesses and residents to join in this effort,” said Mayor Della Volpe. “I personally challenge Derby Mayor Staffieri and Shelton Mayor Lauretti to try and surpass Ansonia, both in reducing energy use and increasing support for clean, renewable energy.”

In addition, Mayor Della Volpe intends to receive a Home Energy Solutions assessment at his home to kick-off the Clean Energy Communities program and lead his residents towards heightened energy efficiency awareness.

Provided by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund as part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, the Home Energy Solutions assessment is a home energy improvement service that helps homeowners to save money on their monthly energy bills.

Under the Clean Energy Communities program, Ansonia pledges to reduce its energy consumption by 20 percent by 2018.

Ansonia’s projected success in saving energy and showing its support for clean, renewable energy sources will make it eligible to earn clean energy systems and grants that can be used toward energy efficiency projects.

For more information on the Clean Energy Communities program, visit or call 1.877.WISE.USE.

Visit the initiative on Facebook page at


posted by: Stan Muzyk on December 13, 2012  11:17am

“SafeWatch Overview” sounds very political to me—taking a cheap shot at Mayor James DellaVolpe, and Ansonia’s pledge for energy efficiency, because of the past Ansonia prominance as an industrial center in the valley area, and resulting residue. Shelton, the largest city in area—in the state—can’t be compared with a much smaller, land-locked City of Ansonia, or Derby,—in having the space required to provide buildog space to costruct corporate and professional job centers. Safe Watch Overview “is realistically comparing apples against oranges.”
Keep up your good work with the deck of cards, you have been provided with, Mayor DellaVolpe. Mayor Tony Staffieri, and Derby, the state’s smallest city, shares Ansonia’s problem of lack of space for expanded development.