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Ansonia Shows Off New Fire Truck

by Tina Ugas | Oct 25, 2009 5:04 pm

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Firefighters at Webster Hose, Hook & Ladder Co. proudly washed, polished and buffed their new pumper truck, showing it off to the public during an open house Oct 17.

Ansonia volunteer firefighters, their families, residents, members of Ansonia Fire Commission and State Sen. Joseph J. Crisco, D-Woodbridge, enjoyed refreshments while admiring the 2009 Pierce pumper truck.

“It’s an outstanding addition to a system,” Crisco said. “ People don’t appreciate what these individuals do for the city. Besides the millions of dollars they save, they save lives.”

The new equipment for Webster Hose took two years to acquire as a ten member committee, led by Webster firefighter John Keefe, worked to design the truck and met with city officials.

According to Keefe, the truck pumps 1,250 gallons of water per minute, has anti-lock brakes, rollover protection, along with side and front airbags.

The new truck cost $450,000. Fire Commissioner (and Aldermanic President) Stephen Blume said he could remember when a pumper trucks cost $35,000 when he started volunteering as a firefighter 35 years ago.

Webster Hose Capt. Ken Pawlak thanked city officials for the new equipment.

“I am thankful toward the Fire Commission, Board of Taxation, Board of Alderman and Mayor for all the work they did to get us this truck,” Pawlak said.

Pawlak and many of the firefighters at Webster brought their children to the open house.

The kids walked around looking at the new hoses, ladders, knobs, lights and sirens on the truck. They watched their dads admire the new equipment and even got to climb inside and look at the dashboard and steering wheel.

Firefighter Richard Piccirillo, from Terryville, brought his six year-old son, Nicholas, to see the new truck. Piccirillo is an Ansonia native.

“I love it,” Piccirillo said. “They did a beautiful job on it. It’s a beautiful piece and we worked hard on it and I am looking forward to riding it.”

Jeffrey Gould brought his six year-old son, Jeffrey Jr., also to the event. He wanted his young son to see the new pride and joy of Webster.

“It can be very beneficial to the city,” Gould said.

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