Blackwell: GOP Primary A Win For Ansonia

The Valley Indy’s article on the Ansonia Republican Primary missed the key takeaways from the election results. This was a bellwether primary, and the results could not be clearer.

First, this was a resounding victory for the hard-working residents of the city of Ansonia, who are currently blessed with the caring stewardship of Team Cassetti, and can be seen no other way. (Surely if the results had been opposite, The Valley Indy would have called it a clear defeat for Team Cassetti). In the 4th Ward, Martin Dempsey received more votes than the other two candidates combined.

As for the Board of Education race, Tracey DeLibero’s large margin of victory sends a message not only to the small faction of the Republican Party aligned with Phil Tripp, but much more importantly shows that the people of Ansonia take the challenges facing our schools seriously, and it was time to break up the status quo on the school board.

It’s also interesting that the Valley Indy, and the Tripp followers in the Republican Party have referred to the cost of the primary as if that’s something negative to be blamed on the challengers — all of whom clearly won. $20,000 is a cheap price to pay to ensure the democratic process; and furthermore, the principles that candidates Dempsey and DeLibero stand for will make up that primary cost tenfold in short order.

A better headline for the article might have been ‘Tripp’ed Up . . . in any event, last night was a win for the average citizen — the people Mayor Cassetti and his team have worked hard for every day.

Ansonia has never been in better hands.

The writer represents the Seventh Ward on the Board of Aldermen.

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