Cassetti: Schools, City Buildings Closed March 14, Parking Ban

FACEBOOK PHOTOAnsonia Mayor David Cassetti sent the following message about noon Monday (March 13) regarding the snowstorm forecast for Tuesday.

This is a Code Red alert from Mayor David Cassetti. The state of Connecticut is going to be impacted by a severe winter storm beginning on Tuesday by 6 a.m and continuing into Wednesday.

Latest forecasts indicate our area will receive 18 to 28 inches of snow as well as high winds.

In preparation for this storm, the City of Ansonia is announcing the following:

  • All City of Ansonia public buildings and schools will be closed on Tuesday, March 14.
  • There will be a parking ban on all city streets starting today at 6 p.m. until further notice. All City of Ansonia public and school parking lots will be open for off street parking during the ban. Click here for more information from police.
  • There will be no garbage pickup on Tuesday
  • The City of Ansonia asks homeowners and businesses to assist in clearing snow from around fire hydrants near your properties to allow quick access to those hydrants in case of emergency.
  • As a reminder, if the use of a generator is needed, please be sure to have it properly ventilated outside of your residence. Do not stay inside of idling cars that are cover with around or near the exhaust pipes.
  • All exterior vents for furnaces and dryers should be cleared of snow to prevent carbon dioxide build-up.

Additionally, residents are encouraged to limit their driving on city roads during the storm to allow for emergency vehicles and road crews to perform their functions.

The safest place for residents during the storm is in your homes.

The City of Ansonia will send out further announcements as needed.

Audio of the Code Red alert is posted below.


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