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Letter: Professionals Are Already Getting It Done In Derby

by Shane Mangado | Letter to the Editor | Oct 26, 2017 11:32 am

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In this week’s debate, Mr. Dziekan said that he will hire a team of professionals to advance the city.

Mayor Dugatto’s professional team has a strong record of accomplishments:

  • Over 30 new businesses have opened in Derby
  • The upgraded sewage treatment system now has two new operational pump stations
  • Downtown development is becoming a reality through public and private investment
  • City parks, neighborhoods, and public spaces have been cleaned up
  • Millions of dollars in grants have come into Derby under Mayor Dugatto’s administration

Given his lack of experience, I couldn’t agree more that he would need the help of a professional team. However, who exactly are his “professionals”, and how much will they cost the taxpayers of Derby?

Will Mr. Dziekan retain Mayor Dugatto’s accomplished team that is on a path to growth? Or will he bring back the same group of “professionals” that failed Derby in the past?

Those professionals left a trail of costly issues – the same team that:

  • Failed to administer the Sterling Opera House grant in accordance with federal guidelines, a mistake that cost the city $110,000
  • Inhibited development of city land behind BJ’s by ignoring state and federal regulators, costing Derby an immediate opportunity for economic growth
  • Ignored federal notices regarding the cleanup of O’Sullivan’s Island, nearly costing Derby $4 million
  • Purchased the Barron Block property through improper allocation of funds, without a plan, at a price considerably higher than fair market value, and at a burdensome cost to neighbors and taxpayers

We are on a positive path for the first time in a very long time. We do not want to change direction, Mr. Dziekan. A change in direction will represent a giant step backward.

Please join me as I vote for Mayor Anita Dugatto on Tuesday, November 7.

The writer is a Derby resident.

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