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by STAFF | Jul 24, 2017 5:36 pm

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Posted to: Ansonia, Derby, Ansonia Election 2017, Derby Election 2017, Navel Gazing: The Valley Indy Podcast

Today, on a very special episode of “Navel Gazing: The Valley Indy Podcast,” two bleary-eyed reporters, Eugene Driscoll and Ethan Fry, give you a behind-the-scenes look at political nominating conventions in Ansonia and Derby.

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The music in this episode is courtesy of The Bad Slugs, a bunch of Connecticut journalists who started a band.

Among the people interviewed:

  • Carmen DiCenso, long-rumored in past years to be a Derby mayoral candidate, talks about why he finally decided to dive in.
  • Joseph Cassetti, brother of the Ansonia mayor, talks about running for Alderman while possessing a federal conviction on his record.
  • Phil Tripp, president of the Ansonia Board of Aldermen, talks about his support for the GOP ticket.
  • Judy Szewczyk, chairwoman of the Derby tax board, talks about whether the divided Democratic Party will help Republicans.
  • Ethan and Eugene talk about how Valley Indy readers may have stepped over the line regarding criticisms of Tarek Raslan, the Ansonia Democratic nominee for mayor.

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