Shelton Alderman: Connecticut ‘Ready For Lauretti’

Mark Lauretti, with 26 continuous years as the Mayor of the most successful city in the State of Connecticut, has filed to run Governor of the State of Connecticut in 2018.

Lauretti Governor 2018 is sponsoring a fundraiser Monday, May 22 to begin the campaign financing and statewide recognition of Mark Lauretti.    

The event will be held at the LaSala Hall (Sons of Italy) at 73 High St. in Derby, with 5:30 p.m. cocktails and 6:30 p.m. dinner.  

Donation is $50. Persons can contact Anthony Simonetti if they would like reservations at 203-605-7712.

Mark Lauretti will do for the State of Connecticut what he did for the City of Shelton — Make it an affordable place to live, bring back jobs, and return common sense when making economic decisions.

Shelton’s economic growth from a grand list of $1 billion to over $5 billion is directly related to Lauretti’s plan for sustained growth with stable low taxes rates and developing the trust of businesses who invest in Shelton and the surrounding areas.

Shelton has recently had nine continuous years of stable or lower tax rates for its citizens and businesses. 

Our state is drowning in debt, has lost more than half of the top 300 companies that were once stalwart Connecticut institutions and may lose even more if the trend in Hartford to spend more than they take in continues.

It’s time to break this trend and elect a leader who has a proven track record of lowering taxes, attracting solid long term businesses to bring their businesses to Connecticut and wipe wasteful spending.

Mark Lauretti is that proven leader and Connecticut is READY for LAURETTI to return it to the industrial, financial and engineering mecca it once was.

The writer is a Shelton Alderman and chairman of the city’s Republican Town Committee.

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