Shelton Police Share Bear Tips

Shelton police asked residents who see bears to leave them alone whenever possible.

In a Facebook post Friday (May 12) police said they had received reports of bear sightings in the area of Dexter Drive, Walnut Tree Hill Road, and Cardinal Drive.

Cops said residents can report bear sightings to police or directly to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Wildlife Division by clicking here or calling 860-424-3011.

“However, the mere presence of a bear does not necessitate its removal,” Shelton police said.

“If a bear is seen in your town or neighborhood, leave it alone,” police said, quoting DEEP’s “Black Bears Do’s and Don’ts” web page. “In most situations, if left alone and given an avenue for escape, the bear will usually wander back into more secluded areas.”

The Shelton bear sightings come after similar reports elsewhere in the area.

A black bear was seen meandering around Hawthorne Avenue and Chatfield Street Thursday (May 11).

Other sightings were reported in Ansonia and Seymour.

FILEThe Shelton sightings come two years after a black bear was captured near the city’s downtown after becoming a local celebrity.

People should also remove bird feeders that could attract bears.

“The primary contributing factor to bear nuisance problems is the presence of easily-accessible food sources near homes and businesses,” DEEP says. “Fed bears can become habituated and lose their fear of humans. Bears should NEVER be fed, either intentionally or accidentally.”

Click here for more tips from DEEP.


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