Water Main Cleaning Underway In Ansonia

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority will be cleaning water mains in Ansonia for the next few weeks.

This is an essential part of our system’s maintenance program to maintain good water quality and improve the water flow in your neighborhood. The areas involved will be listed each week in the water quality section of the Authority’s website, http://www.rwater.com/water-quality/water-main-cleaning.

For the week of July 10-14, the area being cleaned includes the following streets:

Avanti Drive

Arch Street

Cherry Street

Church Street

Clarkson Street

Dwight Street

Edgehill Road

Holbrook Street & Holbrook Court

Hull Street

Jackson Street

Lawton Terrace

Maple Street

Nichols Street

Reichelt Terrace

Riggs Street

Silver Hill Road

Wakelee Avenue

Webb Terrace

Wesley Street

The water mains are cleaned by systematically opening hydrants to force water through the pipes at high velocity.

Cleaning the water mains may cause a temporary slight drop in water pressure and discolored water.

Please check the condition of your water before doing laundry, and run the cold water in the tub for several minutes if your water is discolored. As always, people with compromised immune systems should consult their physician before ingesting discolored water.

Please visit our website at www.rwater.com for more information. Call us at 203-562-4020 if your water remains discolored or you have any questions


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