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Wicked Storm Wreaks Havoc On Part Of Ansonia

by STAFF | Jul 13, 2017 3:21 pm

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Posted to: Ansonia

About 6 percent of Ansonia lost power after a quick moving storm tore through town Thursday.

That’s 520 out of 8,400 United Illuminating customers in Ansonia.

The storm came through about 1:40 p.m.

Ryan Hanrahan, a meteorologist with NBC CT, described the summer storm as a “likely microburst/downburst” on Twitter.

His post is embedded below.

A microburst is a “localized column of sinking air (downdraft) within a thunderstorm and is usually less than or equal to 2.5 miles in diameter,” according to the National Weather Service.

A downburst is “a strong downdraft current of air from a cumulonimbus cloud, often associated with intense thunderstorms,” according to the National Weather Service.

No injuries were reported, but there were multiple reports of wires being ripped from houses.

Woodbridge Avenue, Beaver Street, Prospect Street, Moulthroup Street and La Rovera Terrace were all hit hard.

Ansonia Fire Department Assistant Chief Michael Eheman said Prospect Street would likely be closed for several hours into Thursday night due to downed trees and wires.

“All the way down this street we have multiple trees and lines down and lines ripped right off houses,” Eheman said from a command post at the intersection of Prospect and George streets.

United Illuminating cut power on the street from Moulthrop Street to LaRovera Terrace so crews could clear away the damage more quickly.

Other trouble spots included Kimberly and Myrtle Avenues and Sharyl Drive.

“It seemed like it just went through this two- or three-block area,” Eheman said.

He said firefighters, public works, and power company crews would be working well into the night.

“Right now all the hazards have been mitigated — once they shut power down and we’ve checked out the houses that were initially affected, there seem to be no problems — so now UI will come in, they already have their construction crew, their tree crew, everybody is either here or on their way into town,” Eheman said.

A video from a person on Twitter claimed to have been taken in Ansonia during the brief storm. It was reTweeted by several media outlets.

The Valley Indy reached out to the person who posted the video to confirm it was in Ansonia, but did not receive a reply.

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