City Hall Transition Underway In Ansonia

Mayor James Della Volpe attended his last regularly-scheduled Aldermen meeting Nov. 12 and received a standing ovation from the packed meeting room inside Ansonia City Hall.

Della Volpe, a Democrat, was the city’s mayor for seven terms. He was unseated Nov. 5 by Republican challenger David Cassetti.

“I would just like to congratulate Mayor-elect Cassetti. I wish him well,” Della Volpe said.

Della Volpe made his comments during the mayor’s update during Tuesday’s Aldermen meeting.
The mayor had met with Cassetti’s transition team in City Hall earlier in the day for about an hour.

Cassetti said afterwards they talked about a number of topics ranging from the city’s contractual obligations to employees to its insurance policies, and “hot topics” like a possible sewage interchange with Derby.

He said things went smoothly, as Della Volpe promised, and that he’d have several more meetings with the mayor before being sworn in early next month.

Cassetti’s transition team includes outgoing Alderman/Republican Town Committee Chairman John Marini, Alderman Phil Tripp, Aldermen-elect Dave Blackwell and Lorie Vaccaro, Board of Education member Bill Nimons and Vinnie Scarlata, a member of the Economic Development Commission and an incoming member of the city’s school board.

“We assembled in the Mayor’s office for an in-depth discussion that covered a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, city finances, the state of economic development, and the future of Olson Drive,” Marini said in an e-mail to the Valley Indy.

Click here to read a guest column by Marini about the transition and how the public’s help is needed.

During Tuesday’s Aldermen meeting, Della Volpe also congratulated residents were elected or re-elected to the city’s Board of Aldermen.

“I’m sure you will have the best interests of the city at heart,” the mayor said.

He thanked Aldermen who did not get re-elected for their service to the city.

Della Volpe also credited outgoing Aldermanic President Eugene Sharkey for his decision-making skills.

“It’s not an easy position, but I want to thank you for your service,” Della Volpe told Sharkey.

The mayor concluded his brief remarks by saying he always had the best interests of the city at heart during his 14 years in office.

“I want to thank each and every one of you,” he said.

What’s next for Della Volpe?

“I’m looking forward to getting my private life back after a long time in public service,” the mayor said. “I’m really looking forward to it. There comes a time when it ends and you have to do something else. We’ll see what comes up. I haven’t made any plans yet.”

Sharkey also took a moment during the Nov. 12 Aldermen meeting to recognize each elected official who will be not returning in December.

“I think this board did accomplish a lot,” Sharkey said. “You can be very proud of the bond resolution that the people of this city voted in favor of. It showed that we were right. It showed the people were willing to fund these very important improvements to the city.”

Sharkey was talking about 10 questions on the ballot seeking permission to do about $5 million in city improvement projects.

Watch the video below for more of Sharkey’s remarks. Story continues below.

A swearing-in ceremony for Cassetti and the newly-elected public officials is being scheduled for early December. The precise date and time haven’t been nailed down.

The video below shows Ansonia Police Chief Kevin Hale thanking elected officials for their service to the city:


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