Derby Democratic Party Leader: Support Mayor Dugatto

To the Editor,

My name is Linda Fusco and I am the Chair of the Derby Democratic Town Committee.

While many people will tell you that primaries are bad for the party, I think they are an important part of the democratic process.

This year, the primary between Mayor Anita Dugatto and Board of Aldermen President Carmen DiCenso was an opportunity for the Democrats in Derby to make their voice heard about who they want representing them in November.

The people chose Mayor Anita Dugatto. But it is the qualities of both Democratic candidates that raise the bar for public servants.

Mayor Dugatto and Mr. DiCenso are distinguished Democrats and community leaders who were both born and raised in Derby. Their strong work ethic empowered them to excel in their professional and political lives. They were driven to public service by their intense passion to see Derby prosper. This passion, however, is not exclusive to them. It is apparent throughout the community as evidenced by the level of public engagement leading up to and including primary day.

Going forward we need to maintain our enthusiasm as Democrats and remind ourselves of what it means to be a Democrat in Derby. We must show the people of this city that it is us who will fight for them in City Hall.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Anita Dugatto on November 7th.

The writer is the chairwoman of the Derby Democratic Town Committee.

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