Four Shootings In Two Months In Ansonia

photo:ethan fryA 27-year-old man shot several times in Ansonia last night was listed in serious but stable condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital Wednesday, according to police.

Detectives, meanwhile, are trying to locate the person who shot him — and determine whether Tuesday’s gunplay is related to three other recent shootings in the city.

Police have not identified the victim in Tuesday’s shooting.

Lt. Patrick Lynch, the police department’s spokesman, said the man was in a car on Union Street near the Valley YMCA when he was shot about 8:38 p.m.

He was shot multiple times in the torso and once in the jaw, Lynch said.

The man was taken by the car to Griffin Hospital, stabilized, and transferred to New Haven for further treatment.

Lynch said detectives spoke to the victim last night and will interview him again when possible.

Tuesday’s shooting was the fourth in Ansonia in the past two months.

Cops are trying to figure out whether they’re related. Lynch said police can’t say yet whether they are or not.

“We’ve seen an increase in our reports of shots fired, in particular on the east side and the north end,” Lynch said. “So it’s something the detectives are looking into to see if there are any links between the shootings.”

Police do not believe the shootings were perpetrated by the same suspect, Lynch said.

“The detectives are looking into every aspect of it to see if there’s any links that we can put together,” he said. “We’re just trying to see if there’s any links with the other shootings we’ve had. At this point it’s the very beginning phase of the investigation.”

Mayor Reacts

Mayor David Cassetti said Police Chief Kevin Hale called him Tuesday night to tell him about the most recent shooting.

“It’s terrible,” Cassetti said.

The mayor said he will announce plans to hold a citywide meeting in March at which residents can air concerns about the recent uptick in violence.

Cassetti said the shootings weren’t random, and hinted the cases may be related, but stopped short of saying so definitively.

“There may be a relation here,” the mayor said, to “some spat people are having.”

He asked residents to stay vigilant.

“If they see something, say something,” Cassetti said.

Lynch asked anyone with any information to call detectives at 203-735-1885. Calls are confidential, he said.


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