In Shelton, The Emphasis Is On ‘Shhh’

Rumours swirled Thursday about the absence of the leaders of the city’s finance department from City Hall, though it seems nobody can — or will — explain what’s going on.

Shelton’s finance director, Lou Marusic, and assistant finance director, Sharon Scanlon, were not at City Hall Thursday.

A source told the Valley Indy heard about the absences Thursday afternoon — and that someone had been ordered to leave by Mayor Mark Lauretti.

Employees in the finance office said Thursday afternoon the two were on vacation — but no one knew when the workers would return.

They referred further questions to Lauretti.

But the mayor wasn’t in his office at the time and didn’t return a call or e-mail seeking comment.

The CT Post quoted the mayor as saying that that Marusic is away visiting his mother and has taken “personal time” off, and that Scanlon is either on vacation or has taken personal time.

Tom Taylor, who manages human resources for the city, also referred questions about Marusic and Scanlon to Lauretti, citing “personnel issues.”

He would not say what the pair’s current employment status is — nor say what their public salaries are, nor how long they’ve been working for the city.

Such information is obviously public information, since the public pays their paychecks, but Taylor wouldn’t budge.

“That has to do with personnel issues, and I never release any personnel issues unless I have a directive from the mayor,” Taylor said.

Messages left at listed phone numbers for Marusic and Scanlon Thursday were not returned.

As day turned to night in Shelton Thursday, the number of public servants who wouldn’t talk grew larger.

Board of Aldermen President John Anglace, who was at City Hall Thursday night for an unrelated meeting, was tight-lipped, deferring to the mayor because of the “administrative” nature of the matter.

Asked about the possibility of an investigation in the finance office and whether he’s concerned about the city not having the two top employees of its finance office, he said that when “investigations take place, you have to keep your mouth shut until you have all the facts straight.”

Anglace added that he was speaking “in general” and not necessarily about Marusic and Scanlon. Questioned further, he declined to comment.

Other Aldermen at City Hall Thursday night said they didn’t know anything about what’s going on.

After a meeting of Board of Apportionment and Taxation’s finance committee at City Hall Thursday, members present said they were also in the dark about the allegations.

Charlotte Madar said she hadn’t heard anything about them.

Wayne Bragg said he didn’t know anything beyond what he had seen in the Post article.

“Everyone would have some concern,” he said. “I don’t know enough about what’s going on.”

The other member present, Judson Crawford, deferred to Aldermen.

“It’s in the hands of the Board of Aldermen,” he said. “They’re the ones that are going to be bringing forth the information.”


posted by: Bryan Lizotte on August 24, 2012  6:36am

When you have the same people in office for a long time, they get comfortable and feel like they can do anything they want. These are the leaders of our city. We need honesty and truthfulness. Yes we have low taxes, but low taxes alone don’t make for a great city. If a little more money was spent on routine maintenance of buildings we wouldn’t need major rehab. There have been too much controversy over the last several years.