Ansonia Alderman Supports Jaumann

I’ve been a lifelong resident of Ansonia. I’ve seen our cities ups and downs, and have recently gotten myself involved so that I can contribute to the progress we have seen under Mayor Cassetti’s leadership.

While Ansonia may be succeeding, the state of Connecticut is failing us. For quite some time now, our representation in Hartford has neglected the core issues that Ansonia residents care about. We want our taxes lowered, more job opportunities, and new developments.

With this in mind, it is clear to me that the only candidate in the 104th State Representative Race is my colleague Joseph Jaumann.

In the 104th District race, there is a key contrast between the two candidates. In Joe, we have a fighter for free-market principles to improve our economic environment, which means progressively lowering taxes over time, incentivizing new economy activity, and balancing budgets. He is a small-business owner, which means that he understands the economic needs more than anyone else.

On November 6th, do not be fooled. Joe Jaumann is a contributor to the success we have seen here in Ansonia. As your State Representative, Joe would be a contributor to the Connecticut comeback we are desperately in need of.

The writer is an Ansonia Alderman.

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