Ansonia Alderman: Vote For Jaumann

Joe Jaumann is running for State Representative in the 104th District. He will represent a portion of Derby and all of Ansonia.

Ansonia is a distressed municipality which means that we have high property taxes and high unemployment. Since Mayor Cassetti came into office the focus has been on trying to create jobs and stabilize taxes for us. I am grateful that we have seen progress in both regards.

Joe ran on Mayor Cassetti’s team and has supported our mayor for the past three years, as a fellow Alderman representing the 5th Ward. During that time, Joe has consistently voted with the mayor to keep the municipal budget from impacting us negatively. He has been a constant and vocal friend to the economic development efforts in Ansonia as well. He served on the Economic Development Commission and was helpful in supporting our Economic Development Office. His vote on our Board of Aldermen truly counted. Joe also served on the Planning and Zoning Commission as its Chairman.
He is a thoughtful, intelligent father, business owner, lawyer and devoted husband. He is the kind of individual we should be sending to Hartford. He cares about Ansonia and its residents. He cares about lowering taxes and he understands the legislative process.

Joe has said many times that he wants to remove layers of government bureaucracy, create laws that help taxpayers and not add to their burden, reduce unfunded mandates, help our education system and prepare our students for a bright future. He wants to make sure Hartford legislators are not creating more unnecessary laws and additional taxes. Too many hardworking residents of Ansonia and the State of Connecticut cannot afford additional taxes. We work hard to help raise our families and provide a good life. We are slowly watching our salaries go to support big government. We cannot afford to elect representatives that want to grow the size of government, tax the working families and move our city in the wrong direction. I want us moving in the right direction and I believe Joe is certainly qualified and well suited for the job.

Please vote with me on November 6, 2018 to elect my colleague and friend Joe Jaumann as State Representative.

Frank DeLibero
7th Ward Alderman

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