Ansonia Alderman: Vote For Rochelle

When sizing up the content of a person’s character, certain words come to mind. Words like integrity, honesty, and accountability. Quite often when it comes to politics, these words are seldom used to describe a candidate running for public office. Instead, we hear terms like “career politician”, “good ole boy”, “puppet”, and “greed” to name a few.

Whatever happened to simply standing up for what you believe in, advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves, and bringing your community together on unified ground, regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, or financial status?

Some have given up on the thought that there could be someone that works for others selflessly, without a personal agenda. Some have decided that their voice no longer matters, and that there’s no point in voting, or expressing their concerns in a public forum. Please don’t give into that thought. There is hope. I truly believe that good always prevails, that anything can be accomplished as a team made up of like minded individuals fighting alongside those representing them.

Friends, we are fortunate enough to have somebody competing to represent our district at the state level that embodies the qualities that we deserve in a candidate. A hard worker that will fight for everything that is right, and remain intolerant towards anything that goes against the core character traits of integrity, honesty, and accountability.

As an Ansonia resident for the last 11 years, and a married father of two children in our public schools, I wholeheartedly endorse Kara Rochelle for State Representative in the 104th district. Please join me in supporting Kara as she fights for properly funded education, stronger employment opportunities for all, small business growth, and to establish a sound public transportation infrastructure. These are a few areas among many that she plans to address on our behalf. I’m proud to say that she has my vote on November 6th. I implore all of you to head to the polls and give Kara your vote as well. We can get there, and we will, together.

Kevin O’Brien (Rep.)
Sixth Ward Alderman
City of Ansonia

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