Ansonia Anti-Crime Unit To Launch

In October, teams of Ansonia police officers will spread across the city after dark — working on special one-time projects that can easily fall through the cracks during regular patrols.

Projects like liquor law enforcement or stakeouts at frequently vandalized parks.

It’s the city’s new anti-crime unit, and it’s paid for by about two-thirds of a $30,000 federal grant. The money will pay for overtime so officers can work on the projects aside from their normal duties.

Chief Kevin Hale said the idea is to get officers on the street preventing everyday crimes. The officers who work on the “anti-crime” unit would rotate, giving all officers a chance to participate, Hale said.

“We’re not looking to get these officers involved in any long-term investigations,” Hale said. “These are quality of life issues. They go in, resolve it, and move on to the next one.”

The grant money won’t last forever, Hale said, so the department will look for “creative” ways to fund the program after it’s gone.

“We’ve done this on occasion if there are extra guys on a shift,” said Hale. “We prefer to sustain this program for longer.”

The remaining portion of the grant will help the department purchase new radar guns and other equipment, Hale said.


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