Ansonia Candidate Stresses Education Funding, Unity

Dear Parents,

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your continued support as I have campaigned for alderman in the 7th ward with Dave Knapp and Mayor Della Volpe.

I have been blessed to be able to campaign with two great men who know every family in Ansonia, including children and grandchildren. What impressed me even more is how much they love our town and how dedicated they are to its future.

As I campaigned with them, one of the things we were continuously thanked for was for providing extra funding to the public schools in order for them to provide full day kindergarten. This helped many parents go back to work full-time in order to pay their bills. They no longer had to find alternate means of daycare or work only part-time, both of which were costly prospects.

There were also several families who thanked us for working to keep the funding for AP classes in high school because it helped them save money on college tuition.

Another great asset is the new ambulance the town of Ansonia purchased for the safety of its residents. I pray that none of us will ever need them, but I am sure they will help save countless lives. They are an invaluable asset to our community.

Last week, I attended the Ansonia Economic Commission and listened to our new director, Peter Kelly, stress the importance of Ansonians coming together and working together as a community in order for us to move forward.

There are no two greater men than the two I have been shadowing for the past six weeks who are more qualified or dedicated to help our town progress and advance. I have been lucky to have great mentors and leaders like Dave Knapp and Mayor Dell and I am looking forward to being elected as the alderman for the 7th ward.

I cannot stress enough, though, that I would not be here without your support. We are just a few days away from election day, so please come out and rock the vote so we can all work together to charge Ansonia forward!

The writer is running on the Democratic line to represent Ansonia’s Seventh Ward on the Board of Aldermen.

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posted by: Kelly Nealy on October 29, 2013  10:22pm

Please vote for Saleh Hanaif for Alderman. Not only is he a friend he is a very educated, dedicated and honest parent who truly has the best interest of the children and community at heart. He has helped to make so many positive changes within his community and the state and would be an incredible asset to the city.

posted by: Dan King on October 30, 2013  3:28pm

Its surprising see you Mr Hanaif giving Dave Knapp and mayor Dellavolpe credit for supporting education. Last year Mr Knapp voted unanimously with the rest of the board of aldermen (Republicans and Democrats) for a $500,000 funding increase. Should you not also give credit to the Republicans for supporting education? And as for the mayor, he has not publicly endorsed a single education budget in the last 14 years! How does he get credit at all? I have this final question for Mr. hanaif. would you have supported the full $1.8 million increase requested by the board of education this year? I simply want to know what you would have done differently, because the board of aldermen was 100% unanimous in their budget decision this year.