Ansonia High School Principal Officially Resigns

Ansonia’s Board of Education formally accepted a letter of resignation Wednesday from high school principal Terri Goldson.

“It has been a pleasure and honor to serve the students, parents, staff and entire community as a teacher and administrator in the City of Ansonia,” Goldson wrote in the letter, his first public statement since being put on an unexplained leave in December.

“I wish Ansonia Public Schools continued success.”

Goldson, a native of the city who had worked in the school district since 1987, recounted achievements he had been part of while serving as a teacher and administrator at every one of the district’s schools.

“My philosophy has always been based on shared leadership, using collaboration, teamwork and empowering teachers to utilize their talents, skills, creativity and more importantly, reminding them to have fun while doing it,” he wrote.

The document is posted at the bottom of this story.

The school board voted unanimously to accept Goldson’s resignation effective immediately, “with a heartfelt thank you for all of his years and dedicated service to the children of Ansonia.”

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The specific circumstances which led to Goldson’s resignation are still officially a mystery.

Goldson had been on leave since December, after his Twitter account “liked” a 28-second pornographic video.

School officials have been tight-lipped about the matter — and have never confirmed whether the video was connected to the disciplinary action.

Goldson has not responded to requests for comment, but in a public Facebook Dec. 19 post he acknowledged the Twitter situation and indicated it was an accident.

“There was a very inappropriate video with sexual content on my Twitter feed today. Please … be careful with social media,” he wrote.

The school board met last week and discussed the matter for about a half-hour in a closed-door executive session.

Afterward, the board voted to authorize school officials to sign a “settlement agreement” with Goldson.

After Wednesday’s meeting, school board President William Nimons said the settlement agreement had been signed, but declined to discuss any of its specifics, such as payments.

He told a reporter to file a Freedom of Information request with Superintendent Carol Merlone.

“You have to FOI it,” he said. “There were some terms, but I can’t divulge them.”

While not saying specifically what Goldson had been put on leave for, Nimons said that the school board contemplated hiring someone to perform an investigation connected to the discipline.

But he said that Goldson’s resignation meant they didn’t have to.

“It might have cost us $100,000,” Nimons said. “I guess Terri thought about it then he decided to retire.”

Goldson has been a popular figure in the community throughout his tenure as a school administrator in Ansonia.

At a school board meeting last month, several people spoke in support of Goldson during the meeting’s public portion.

His personnel file, which was released to the Valley Indy last month in response to a Freedom of Information request, is filled with commendations from parents and colleagues.

A review of the file showed no prior disciplinary actions taken against Goldson during his employment in the school district.

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