Art Gallery, Tattoo Studio Opens In Shelton

SHELTON Silence Is Golden Gallery, a fusion art gallery and tattoo studio, celebrated its grand opening with an art gallery show in downtown Shelton.

Owner David Osborne hopes to make this shop a place of artistic creativity from paint and canvas to ink and skin. His goal is revitalize the art community in the valley.

“Tattoo shops have changed, today tattooing is no longer taboo, it is an art and an expression of one’s self,” he said.

He sees tattooing as an art form and aspires for his shop to be a hub of artist ideas and community.

Silence Is Golden Gallery is an art gallery and tattoo studio located at 482 Howe Ave. in Shelton, home to a host of talented artists ready to create custom body art taking walk-ins or by appointment.

Art space openings for the art community available, please contact us if interested in displaying your work!


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