‘Bite Night’ Sharpens Its Fangs For Succulent Seymour

On this week’s “Navel Gazing” podcast, the Valley Indy chats with Derby’s Larry Dwyer about an upcoming double feature at The Strand Theatre in Seymour where two vampire flicks from the 80s will be screened.

Click the play button to listen.

Dwyer is part of “Connecticut Cult Classics,” a group that hopes to host cult-movie screenings all over the state.

“Bite Night,” featuring “The Lost Boys” and “Fright Night,” is July 23.

Dwyer’s interview is at the start of the podcast.

At about the 24-minute mark, Driscoll and Fry talk about being teased online by two corporate media employees who took a snarky shot at the Valley Indy for being human on social media.



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