Boulton: Photos Tell Different Story On Derby’s Blight Fight

Photo submitted by Scott BoultonWhile I respect Mr. DiCenso’s comments, I believe the pictures below tell a slightly different story about the city targeting blight.

I view the old National School Studios property as the gateway to our community.

Our community’s image is tarnished as long as building like these remain blighted. Blight is an important issue to us all because to non-residents and potential investors, this snapshot of our community will largely determine whether they spend their money here or the next city over.

New business growth is essential in Derby if we are to prosper and keep taxes low.

Furthermore, attacking the previous administration’s blight record? I believe they were responsible for the removal of all blighted buildings on the south side of Main Street and pursued the hiring of blight officers. This was real progress!

Lastly I’m perplexed! Why we are focusing on Mr. Dziekan’s campaign manager’s attendance record on the tax board?

Serving this great city is a privilege. However, without full details about his personal circumstances seems rather unfair.

Alternatively, I’d rather see town Democrats focus on real issues rather than run a negative campaign against a campaign manager or prior administration.

These pictures are of buildings which are at the gateway of Derby – this is blight! This is one of the real issues!

The writer is running on the Republican line to represent Derby’s Third Ward.


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