Chief Hale Thanks Church For Fundraising Efforts

FILE At the monthly meeting of the Ansonia Board of Police Commissioners on December 6, Pastor John Hinson and his wife Maude presented the police department with a check for $15,006.96. These were the proceeds from a nine-month fundraiser run by the Hinsons and the First Baptist Church in order to support our department.

This was the second consecutive year that the Hinsons conducted a fundraiser, the first year netting better than $8,000. We used those funds to purchase a medical tool kit for each officer in the department to wear on their belt.

The goal for this year’s funds is to buy ballistic shields for each cruiser. These shields will provide an added layer of protection for our officers in the event that they are faced with an active shooter situation. Based on prior shooting situations across the country, many victims do not survive simply because officers are unable to get to them in a timely manner — these shields will help to protect our officers while they bravely do their jobs. We are also going to purchase some Automatic External Defibrillators for our cruisers.

Just as important, however, was the fact that Pastor John and Maude organized the second annual Police Appreciation Day, which was held on September 23, 2017. The event brought many people together to show support and appreciation for the very good job that our officers do every day. As police officers, we did not take this job in order to be recognized; officers will tell you that they took the job in order to make a difference, and our officers certainly have. But it is very nice to receive recognition for a job well done, and that is exactly what happened at this event.

On behalf of the officers and members of the Ansonia Police, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fundraiser and who attended the event. We received overwhelming support from corporate donors as well as citizens, from both Ansonia and throughout the region.

Following is a list of corporate donors:
People’s United Bank
Griffin Hospital
Stop & Shop
Grade A Shoprite
Road Ready Used Cars
Valley Electric
Spinelli-Ricuitti Funeral Home
Fitzpatrick’s Chrysler Jeep
Farrel-Pomini Corporation
Liberty Bank
Valley Community Foundation
Jenkins-King Funeral Home
Attorneys Drapp & Jaumann
Frank Hoinsky Realty
Webster Bank
Ansonia Shopping Center
Ralph Mann & Sons
Better Packages
Webster Hose Co #3
Rosa Mina Restaurant
Spector Furniture
Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home
Rodriguez Family McDonalds
Big Y
Crave/Only For Her
LuLu Pazzo
Texas Roadhouse

The list of individual donors is too great to list here, and I would never want to exclude anyone, but needless to say that we sincerely appreciate your donations.

I would also like to recognize Officer Brendon Nelson, whose efforts went well beyond what was expected. Brendon put in a substantial amount of work on his own time and was a big part in the overall success of this fundraiser and event.

Finally, I would like to again offer our sincerest thanks to Pastor John and Maude Hinson for their efforts and dedication to this department. Our appreciation cannot be overstated.

Chief Kevin J. Hale
Ansonia Police Department


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