City Of Ansonia Promises Brighter Downtown

Downtown Ansonia will soon be getting brighter.

The City of Ansonia has approved installation of 25 double-bracket lights on each of the existing Main Street and Kingston Street vintage light poles, thus doubling current lighting capability.

When installation is completed by early spring, the Main Street corridor will be noticeably brighter to everyone.

There will be no cost to the City for the new lights, brackets or installation. The only cost will be an estimated $6,000 annual increase in electricity from United Illuminating.

This cost increase will be offset by the estimated $125,000 in annual electricity savings the City has just begun enjoying from the recently completed city-wide installation of more than 1,600 streetlights to brighter, energy saving 4000 LEDs, also at no cost to taxpayers.

Mayor Dave Cassetti said adding the double-bracket lights was a creative and resourceful solution to brightening up Main Street, often noted as having a dull evening illumination.

The Main Street lighting issues date back to “the original vintage lamps installed by the previous administration and paid for by a grant received,” said Mayor Cassetti. “The lamps were spaced at 150 feet apart instead of the recommended 75 feet spacing,” he added.

Without a grant, it would cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars to double up the light pole capacity. Adding double-lamps to each existing pole was the solution.

During the Mayor’s first term in office, and through a grant received, the City upgraded West Main Street with new sidewalks, landscaping and adding vintage light poles every 75 feet.

“You can see the lighting difference on West Main Street with poles more closely spaced,” said Cassetti.

This past December as a test, UI installed a double-bracket lamp outside of City Hall with favorable feedback from the public and city officials.


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