Civil Lawsuit Filed In Oxford Dog Mauling

The family of a Labrador mix that was killed after a dog fight in Jackson Cove Park July 26 has filed a civil lawsuit against the owner of the dogs involved in the attack.

The Seversons are suing Vickie M. Tkacz for at least $15,000, according to court documents.

In addition, the Seversons have requested a judge attach $150,000 worth of Tkacz’ property because her house is for sale. The Seversons claim in their lawsuit that it went on the market after the dog attack.

“There is reasonable likelihood that (Tkacz) is about to dispose of her property with the intent to hinder, delay or defraud her creditors,” court documents state.

A message seeking comment was left with Tkacz.

Tkacz is already facing several misdemeanor charges in connection to the July 26 dog fight, which involved four large Newfoundlands against a black Lab mix named Roxi.

State police accused Tkacz of not cooperating with their investigation into the matter and not taking proper control of her animals.

Oxford officials said this week they’ll send a letter to Tkacz inquiring about “Lakeside Newfies,” a dog breeding business she ran out of her house. Oxford officials contend she didn’t have the proper paperwork to run a business out of her home.

Tkacz’ lawyer told the Valley Indy the operation was too small to be considered a business. Her attorney also accused state police of making a false arrest — and that town officials lied on affidavits related to the investigation.

The five-count civil lawsuit, which was filed Aug. 8 in Superior Court in Milford, is seeking money for medical bills, vet bills and emotional distress.

Tkacz told the Valley Indy Aug. 12 that she paid for bills related to the attack.

Patrick Severson, 21, a part-time Oxford parks worker, suffered several bite wounds after four Newfies attacked his black Lab, according to the lawsuit.

The large Newfies were being walked by four children. The Newfies had a history of aggression, the lawsuit states, without further detail.

The civil lawsuit contains two affidavits detailing the attack. One is from Katelyn Greene, another park worker who said she witnessed the attack.

According to Greene, one of the Newfies attacked the black Lab without provocation. She witnessed Severson, the Lab’s owner, “respond to the attack by screaming and punching the Newfoundland dog.”

Roxi, the black Lab, was able to free herself from the Newfie. The Lab ran away, only to be attacked by a second Newfie, according to Greene.

Severson stated in an affidavit that his Lab, Roxi, was on a leash when one of the four Newfies attacked. The large dog “latched onto her, pulling the skin on the neck back, toward her rear.”

“The remaining three black Newfoundland dogs which were also present also broke free of their leashes and came up to Roxi and attempted to bite and attack Roxi.”

Roxi later died at a vet’s office.

A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Aug. 22 at 9:30 a.m. in Milford.

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