Cops: Scanlon Took More Than $900K

A police affidavit in the case against former Shelton Assistant Finance Director Sharon Scanlon alleges she took more than $900,000 from city taxpayers over 11 years.

Scanlon appeared at Superior Court in Derby Tuesday, where the case charging her with stealing money from Shelton taxpayers and depositing it into her personal account was transferred to Milford court, where more serious criminal cases are heard.

Scanlon’s appearance Tuesday — the first time she has appeared in court — lasted less than a minute (see video).

She signed a form notifying her that the case against her is being transferred to Superior Court in Milford, then left the courthouse with her lawyer, William Dow III.

Outside, Dow said Scanlon will plead not guilty in Milford later this month.

“When we appear on the 26th of February, we’ll enter pleas of not guilty and address the charges there,” he said.

Dow said he hasn’t yet read all of the details contained in an affidavit charging Scanlon in the theft.

“I’ve skimmed a couple pages of it,” Dow said. “It really requires some study.”

Watch the video for more comments from Dow. Story continues after the video.

The 13-page affidavit, written by Trooper Shawn Sequeira of the Connecticut State Police Central District Major Crime Squad, concludes Scanlon took about $914,000 from taxpayers.

“The results of this investigation have further shown that the accused wrongfully appropriated approximately $914,153.50 from bank accounts belonging to the City of Shelton beginning in the year 2001 and continuing through July 2012,” the affidavit says.


posted by: Marie Hynds on February 5, 2013  2:02pm

where does she get the money to pay for this high price lawyer?

posted by: Mike Ouellette on February 5, 2013  8:44pm

This is really not that hard people.  The private sector has been doing this very well for over 50 years.
1. Get some real technology.
2. Segregation of duties.
3. Controls and audit.

While one town might not be able to afford this, 5 or 6 towns can cooperate and share in both the opportunity and responsibility.

I simply don’t understand why certain public services, like the Valley Health District, are shared across town lines where scale is missing, but other critical services like tax collection are not.  Get with it people.

posted by: Marie Hynds on February 6, 2013  5:01am

its just like the tale of 2 cities one ansonia one derby they have been talking about combining the two school systems for about 10 yrs will never happen why you ask?who would be the coach of the fussball team.the water boy?lmao