Derby Aldermen Approve New Jobs, Salaries

Derby Aldermen last week approved job descriptions and salaries for two employees of the mayor’s office.

Andrew Baklik, formerly referred to as Mayor Rich Dziekan’s chief of staff, is now the “director of operations,” a new position.

He is being paid $75,000 annually. He receives benefits, and his salary is tied to Derby City Hall union workers. That means if City Hall workers negotiate a raise, Baklik will also receive it.

Carmen DiCenso, a former football coach and Third Ward Aldermen who tried to run for mayor as a Democrat last year, is working in the mayor’s office part-time as “economic development liaison.”

He is being paid $25 an hour and does not receive benefits.

Baklik’s position is a melding of the “chief administrative officer” and “chief of staff” positions that were most recently held in former Mayor Anita Dugatto’s administration by Henry Domurad and Leslie Creane, who worked part-time.

Both jobs were approved unanimously by the Aldermen during a meeting Feb. 8.

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According to a description provided by the city, Baklik will:

  • administer day-to-day activities and coordinate the operations of assigned city departments
  • act as the primary liason with the Board of Aldermen and other city boards and commissions
  • resolve conflicts and respond to inquiries
  • implement personnel rules and policies
  • represent the mayor in meetings
  • negotiate collective bargaining agreements
  • any other duties assigned by the mayor

Baklik’s job requires a bachelor’s degree or five years experience in a “field that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and ability to analyze, plan and finalize complicated projects.”

DiCenso’s job is to “assist the mayor in planning and implementing the physical and economic development of the city to achieve a balanced economic and cultural base for orderly growth of the City.”

More specific duties for the job include:

  • acting as a liaison “among city officials and staff, developers, private businesses, community and political officials, and the public to foster municipal development.”

The job requires five years similar experience — or a master’s degree in business or law with three years similar experience.

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