Video: Mayor Dugatto Takes Questions From the Public

Derby Mayor Anita Dugatto held another “open door” session at Derby City Hall and the Valley Indy streamed 30 minutes of the two-hour session live, during which she answered questions submitted by Valley Indy readers.

Members of the public are encouraged to stop by and share any questions or concerns about Derby with the mayor every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. at City Hall, 1 Elizabeth St..

Watch the mayor’s open door session below.


posted by: Stan Muzyk on July 31, 2014  10:21am

Hopefully there will be a good turnout despite the fact that the time-frame conflicts with family dinner’s and peak high-traffic-hours into downtown Derby.

posted by: Marian McFarland on July 31, 2014  10:58am

I would like to know exactly how many people the Mayor has hired to work in her office since she became Mayor.  Unfortunately, the Route 34 traffic into Derby at this hour prevents me from coming to City Hall.  But I would like an answer.