VIDEO: Derby Officially Opens O’Sullivan’s Island

The ugly sign warning of underground contamination is gone!

State, local and and even a representative from the federal Environmental Protection Agency officially opened O’Sullivan’s Island to the public Thursday afternoon.

The 20-acre parcel sits near the Derby river walk, where the Housatonic meets the Naugatuck.

The site was contaminated for years, but a more than $1 million clean up was completed this summer.

Tons of contaminated dirt was trucked away to be destroyed. Town workers then cut back years of overgrowth.

Trees were planted and the site is now a pleasant-looking field.

The land is flood prone, so precisely what will happen with the land remains to be seen.

However, the Valley Council of Governments secured $325,000 in July that will be used for a fishing pier. The money will also be used to restore the shore line along the peninsula.

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