Derby Police: Don’t Leave Valuables In Cars

Derby police issued a “public service alert” Wednesday reminding people not to leave valuables in their cars.

To prove the point, the department posted a video captured on a home-security camera showing a person on Mohawk Avenue in Derby looking into car windows. The incident happened at 5 a.m. The police did not provide a date.

The video is embedded below:

“. . . please watch this video to illustrate both the moxie and randomness of this car break in suspect,” Derby police said in a Facebook post. “This video was taken at approximately 5:00am on Mohawk Avenue. The perpetrator is simply looking for an unlocked door.”

“Don’t be a victim – lock your doors and leave valuables out of sight,” cops said.

Derby police are repeating a mantra heard all over the U.S. — in 2018, it’s safe to assume someone somewhere is trying to steal stuff from a car on a given night.

Property crimes — a large group of crimes that includes everything from house burglaries to stolen autos — comprises about 36 percent of all crime each year in the U.S. But authorities believe that number is actually low, because many people do not report smaller-ticket crimes, including vehicle break-ins, to police.

The video below was produced by a police department in Florida as a way to remind people to take precautions.


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