Dugatto Is Succeeding In Derby’s Third Ward

As a resident of Derby’s third ward, I want to call attention to a few of the positive changes I have seen in my neighborhood under Mayor Dugatto’s leadership.

First, we begin at Witek Park, with its beautiful ponds and trails. Its parking lot has been upgraded; fresh plantings now grace the new wooden footbridge; and kayaking has recently been permitted (thanks to the efforts of the city’s aldermen).

Up the road from Witek Park, Bradley Elementary School has a new roof and windows. Then continuing on our way towards Route 34, we find The Hops Company. This beer garden, which came to town with efforts from Mayor Dugatto and her team, has put Derby on the map as a destination place. I love having such a popular, vibrant gathering spot in my neighborhood.

Nearby, the application by AEIP to repurpose the dormant Marshall Lane Manor property, while controversial, shows that new businesses are not afraid to give us a serious look – a sign that Derby is becoming a more credible investment option.

On the commercial stretch of Route 34, yes, Walmart is gone due to factors beyond the city’s control. But I know Mayor Dugatto is doing all she can to promote new opportunity from the sidelines. There have been many recent business renovations along that stretch of road that are encouraging. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Sherwin Williams, The Edge, and Town Fair Tire have all made investments that are sure signs of a thriving business community.

My thanks to Mayor Dugatto and her team for their many accomplishments that have made a positive difference in my neighborhood. If you take a look around yours, I’m sure you will find the same. Please vote with me to re-elect Mayor Dugatto on November 7. She deserves another two years to continue the improvements and developments begun under her watch.

Samantha Burgan

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