Dugatto’s Leadership Measured By Tough Issues She Has Tackled

Mayors, like Governors and Presidents, can only do so much. Alderman, State Representatives, Congressmen, Congresswomen, and Senators make the laws.

When Mayor Dugatto stepped into resolve the Parking Garage debacle created by a lack of maintenance and supervision under past administrations, she was highly criticized by some members of the Board of Aldermen and others.

Yet, her actions relieved the immediate urgency of the situation while responding to the needs of Derby’s downtown businesses. But the solution is only temporary. Rather than kicking the can down the road, Mayor Dugatto and her staff have been diligently exploring options to upgrade the facility without placing an additional burden on the backs of Derby taxpayers.

During the crucial issues that have been plaguing the Water Pollution Control Authority, a problem that began long before she took office, Mayor Dugatto rolled up her sleeves to guide the WPCA to a path of resolution.

She was once again criticized for her efforts.

Downtown redevelopment has been a sham for many decades because of the misguided actions of prior administrations. Finally, we are seeing some real progress under Mayor Dugatto’s leadership: we have a plan that residents helped create, $5 million from the state to begin construction, and a developer who has already purchased property.

Yet, the mayor is faulted for her efforts.

As far as the concerns surrounding the reuse of Marshall Lane Manor, I suggest you bring your complaints to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Commission gives everyone the opportunity at each meeting to speak publicly about their concerns — whatever they are.

Stop blaming someone else for your lack of involvement in your civic duties.

I suggest you consider all the facts before casting your vote for the elected officials on the ballot this year.

Bill Boland

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