Fox CT Gets Really Creepy During Report On Women’s Day

FOX CT apologized Wednesday for inadvertently airing creepy video close ups of breasts as B-roll during a report on Women’s Day at the state Capitol in Hartford.

The television station did not explain how the screw up happened, but the Huffington Post reported Wednesday FOX CT actually aired the footage twice.

The footage, featuring women wearing tank tops, immediately triggered “Are you kidding me?” reactions on social media.

The video, taken from a Facebook page, is below.

The Connecticut Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) demanded an apology.

“Fox CT News, whether they intended to or not, has just inserted their organization into a culture war and sent the message that women should not be taken seriously. It is an insult to the female employees at Fox and to women throughout Connecticut,” the state’s NOW chapter said in a prepared statement.

The NOW statement also noted the TV news station has previous experience with gender discrimination allegations, a reference to a complaint lodged by a former news anchor who worked at the station.

Christine A. Palm, the communications director for the state’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, also lambasted FOX CT for the footage.

“We are appalled at the level of sexism this incident shows. It is an insult not only to the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and to all who attended Women’s Day at the Capitol, which marked the PCSW’s 40-year battle against gender discrimination, but to women everywhere who are tired of being objectified,” Palm said.

“Anyone who doubts the existence of the ‘war on women’ need look no further than Fox News. We invite the executives at Fox to ask about our Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention trainings, which would help them and their staff learn a little more about what goes on above a woman’s shoulders.”

A message seeking comment was left Wednesday morning with Rich Graziano, the publisher, president and CEO of the Hartford Courant and the general manager at FOX CT.

FOX CT issued an apology Wednesday on its Facebook page:

FOX CT apologizes for mistakenly airing inappropriate file footage in conjunction with this morning’s report on Women’s Day at the Connecticut State Capitol.

The video should never have aired. FOX CT will publicly apologize on today’s newscasts, as well as through our social media platforms.

We are also implementing procedures to keep this from happening in the future.

FOX CT is committed to recognizing and applauding the significant contributions of women, both in Connecticut and throughout the country.”

Here is video from Facebook showing a woman from Rockland County, N.Y. calling FOX CT to complain:


posted by: Patricia McNamara Magliochetti on March 13, 2013  2:04pm

the woman who called about the breast on tv ,i have one thing to say,you go girl.i thought that news cast was so bad ,women are alot more than breast.thank you

posted by: Brian Battles on March 13, 2013  2:36pm

Women’s breasts are horrible filthy body parts that should never be seen, discussed or acknowledged!

posted by: Nikolas Paradiso on March 13, 2013  2:40pm

For crying out loud are you all so tight ass-ed that you can’t understand that they need permission to show people’s faces on screen where if they show their busts they don’t have to worry about it? It’s not like they were nude and even still it’s still alright for a man to be topless in public but not women. Double standards ruin the world.

posted by: Gina Lauria Daschbach on March 13, 2013  4:02pm

Brian and Nikolas. Did you listen to the content of the news report? It’s about WOMEN IN HISTORY. Let’s think of HEADLESS ways of depicting woman - women doctors, moms, teachers, women in agriculture, women scientists, women driving a bus, women sitting in the front of the bus, women Secretary’s of State, First Ladies, Women Authors, Women who right books about Women succeeding in Business, Women at Business Conference, Women Journalists, Women Baristas, Women Professors, Women in Social Services, Women Senators. ANY OF THESE HEADLESS WOMEN IN HISTORY would have been fine. Random women walking down the street in tank tops do not depict WOMEN IN HISTORY.
Take your club and go back to your cave now.

posted by: Kathy Creighton on March 13, 2013  6:33pm

I’m just curious why the station had this piece of footage in their archive to begin with. I think that the camerman’s boss should have had a discussion with him of improper use of company equipment. His mind was obviously not on doing his job properly. Objectifying anyone negates the story as “news”.

posted by: Brian Battles on March 13, 2013  7:03pm

There’s always someone who can’t wait to get worked up about some dumb thing.

posted by: Brian J Ud on March 13, 2013  8:09pm

Yeah dude, just like how there’s always someone getting worked up when people get offended by something that is actually offensive.

“posted by: Brian Battles on March 13, 2013 7:03pm

There’s always someone who can’t wait to get worked up about some dumb thing.”

posted by: Dan W Beaulieu on March 14, 2013  9:05am

How absurd. Women do have breasts you know. That among other things makes them different from men. With privacy issues news programs and other media outlets cannot show peoples faces without permission. Maybe women’s butt would have made you happy? Then again some would imply Fox was calling women asses. @ Gina Lauria Dashbach, maybe women in Burqa’s would have met your approval? Get over yourself and grow up.

posted by: Nikolas Paradiso on March 14, 2013  8:17pm

You just generalized every woman in that piece simply because they were shown from the neckline down. Secondly, you can’t have it both ways, either breasts and cleavage is perfectly acceptable in all forms of public viewing or not at all, this includes breast feeding. Double standards will not work. Welcome to the fight for women to openly breast feed.