GOP ‘Thank You Taxpayers Day’ Nov. 3

Republican officials in Ansonia and Derby announced plans for a “Thank You Taxpayers Day” Saturday (Nov. 3).

In a press release, Ansonia Republican Town Committee Chairman David Papcin said “All residents are invited to show their appreciation for the contributions made by area taxpayers to fund state and city services.”

The announcement also included quotes from Derby RTC Chairman Sam Pollastro and Joseph Jaumann, an Ansonia Alderman running for the 104th District state House of Representatives seat against Democrat Kara Rochelle.

“Unfortunately, it’s getting to the point where local taxpayers have reached the end of their rope – they simply can’t afford to pay more,” Pollastro. “This fall we need to elect representatives and officials that understand that reality. We need state leaders who are committed to fight on behalf of our taxpayers.”

“I want to see taxpayers getting the support they need from their representatives in Hartford,” Jaumann said.

The Valley Indy emailed Papcin asking if any public events will be held in conjunction with the party’s “Thank You Taxpayers Day,” but hadn’t heard back as of 11 a.m. Thursday.

Republicans had planned a “Rally For Taxpayers” last month but then cancelled it.


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