Guest Column: Town-wide Tag Sale A ‘Huge Success’

This past Saturday, Ansonia had its first town-wide tag sale.

Judging by the 21 individual homes registered to participate and the high volume of traffic I had at my own tag sale, I would say that it was a huge success.

The idea of a town-wide tag sale had been kicked around for a couple of years but finally came to fruition when our ANSONIA 125 Chief Event Coordinator, Melissa Torres, took it on as one of the events to help celebrate Ansonia’s 125th anniversary. She brought on board the Ansonia Nature Center’s Director, Alison Rubelmann, who enthusiastically stepped up to host the event, and coordinated with My Sister’s Place to accept post-tag sale remnants.

Also in the mix was Ansonia’s Public Works who kept the transfer station open until 5 p.m. so that items could be permanently disposed of. I made trips to both. My thanks to them and all those who registered their tag sales with the Nature Center.

Aside from Ansonia residents, I had people from Derby, Seymour, Oxford, Monroe and Southbury in my driveway on Harris Road. Most were excited about the map that listed the 21 tag sale addresses throughout Ansonia and hoped that this event would occur again next year. I hope so too.

To those unfamiliar with the tag sale scene, it is a very popular, passive recreational activity comprised of those who browse for the unknown, and those who hunt for more targeted items.

To have this event in Ansonia allowed local tag sale “regulars” to have a Super-Saturday. It also gave casual patrons pinpoint tag sale locations on maps sponsored by Stauffer’s Real Estate.

An added benefit to the event was that it brought in people from out of town, which is one of the objectives of all ANSONIA 125 events.

This small idea of an event was a win-win for the Nature Center, My Sister’s Place, tag sale hosts and patrons, and Ansonia.

Again, thanks to all who participated in this successful community event.

The writer represents Ansonia’s Sixth Ward on the Board of Aldermen.


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