Henri, Other Ansonia Republicans Make Endorsement For Fourth Ward Alderman

On behalf of the undersigned Republican members of the Board of Aldermen and Ansonia Republican Town Committee, I would like to endorse incumbent Alderman Martin Dempsey in the Fourth Ward primary scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The last four years under Mayor David Cassetti have been markedly positive as the City of Ansonia has been experiencing a virtual metamorphosis.

“Economic development” is no longer a catch phrase, it is City Hall’s mantra. Taxes are level, businesses keep coming in and existing businesses are growing. Infrastructure improvements are being addressed and civic activities are on the rise, bolstering community pride.

Continuing this progress requires a Board of Aldermen willing to work hand-in-hand with Mayor Cassetti for the good of the city. In other words, a real team that will fight to keep the momentum going.

The right candidate for the job in Ansonia’s Fourth Ward is Martin Dempsey. Here is why: 

Martin is an incumbent alderman who has done great work as the chairman of the salary sub-committee, working to streamline secretarial salaries.

He is a life-long Ansonia resident and Republican.

He brings a wealth of experience to the Board of Aldermen as an educator, currently working as Dean of Students at St. Joseph High School.

He acts, thinks and conducts himself as a professional who can converse, cooperate or disagree based on merits, not emotions or politics.

He supports the progress made over the past four years by Mayor Cassetti and his team.

Significantly, Martin’s primary opponent is a Republican who is publicly endorsed by the Democrat candidate for mayor — a candidate who has voiced intense disapproval with the direction the city is moving in.

Martin Dempsey is the clear choice for any voter who believes that Ansonia is moving in the right direction.

If you are a Republican voter in Ansonia’s Fourth Ward, please mark Sept. 12 on your calendar for this important primary election. Voting will take place at the Ansonia Middle School.

Thank you.

Pat Henri, Sixth Ward Alderman

Co-Signed by:

Lorie Vaccaro, Second Ward Alderman
Joseph Jaumann, Fifth Ward Alderman
Josh Shuart, Sixth Ward Alderman
Dave Blackwell Jr., Seventh Ward Alderman
Frank DeLibero, Seventh Ward Alderman
Mayor David S. Cassetti, ARTC Member
Jim Prestiano, ARTC Member
Janet Vitarius Waugh, ARTC Member
Linda Vaccaro, ARTC Member
Dan King, ARTC Member
Joseph Cassetti, ARTC Member
Frank Monaco, ARTC Member
Crystal White, ARTC Member
Chicago Rivers, ARTC Member
Ken Plavnicky, ARTC Member
Sarah Blackwell, ARTC Member
Anna Andretta, ARTC Member
John P. Marini, ARTC Member
Nancy Marini, ARTC Member
Ina Cassetti, ARTC Member
Tracey DeLibero, ARTC Member

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