Henri: Pride Is Up, Taxes Are Down In Ansonia

After two terms of serving on Ansonia’s Board of Aldermen (BOA), I have opted not to run again.

My days and nights are not my own so I need to establish a better balance and rediscover what “free time” is while still working full time and continuing my responsibilities with the Navy Reserve and the American Legion.

I also am a staunch believer in term limits. There is no worse harm done to our state and country than by those who think they own their elected seats for life. The same can happen at the BOA level.

Running in the 6th Ward is Dr. Josh Shuart, the current junior 6th Ward Alderman who replaced Matt Edo within the last year when Matt moved out of town.

Josh is a prime example of new blood helping the BOA to be thoughtful and forward-thinking.

Josh is the Chair of Marketing & Sport Management at Sacred Heart University from which he has taken the initiative and involved four students and a full-time administrator from the school’s Innovation Center’s “Problem Based Learning Lab” to augment the city’s branding initiatives to assist economic development.

Also running is Kevin O’Brien, who has stepped up in my place to run for office for the first time.

He is as an enthusiastic and upbeat candidate as I have ever encountered and his optimism will be a positive addition to the BOA. He has been heavily involved in Ansonia Youth Soccer over the past four years as a coach as well as holding the positions of President and Treasurer on the league’s executive board.

Kevin is the Vice-President of a construction firm in lower Fairfield County of which his experience and background will be a useful supplement to the BOA.

My highest endorsement and best wishes go to these young family men who no doubt will serve the 6th Ward well while enhancing the professionalism within the BOA chamber.

Both have expressed their utmost willingness to work with Mayor Cassetti to continue the progress that has been made over the last four years.

It has been an honor and a privilege to have served the residents of the 6th Ward and to work alongside of Mayor David Cassetti, the personable working man’s working man.
Down to earth, short to the point and genuinely happy to greet the residents, especially the kids, Mayor Cassetti and I have always been able to discuss or amicably argue about anything.

His unsurpassable, non-stoppable top-notch appointments of Corporation Counsel JP Marini and Economic Development Director/Grant Writer Sheila O’Malley have brought Ansonia along faster and further in the last four years than any administration that many of us can remember.

Pride is up, taxes are down, and the trend of businesses leaving Connecticut stops at Ansonia’s borders.

Please vote and show your support for the Mayor and his team so they can keep fighting for you and Ansonia.

Alderman Patrick Henri
6th Ward, City of Ansonia

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