Honor Roll: Notre Dame High School Of West Haven

Notre Dame High School of West Haven President Mr. Robert Curis and Vice President for Student Success, Mr. Joseph A. Ramirez, recently announced the honor roll for the Second Quarter of the 2018-19 academic year.

The Honor Roll is based on Second Quarter final grades which ran from Monday, October 22, 2018 through Monday, January 14, 2019. First honors indicate an average of 90 or better; Second honors indicate an average of 85-89.999.

First Honors
Class of 2019: Lucas Ardito, James Fraulo, Jason Ostrowski

Class of 2020: Jason Do, Jordan House, Gabriel Quinn, Yuchen (Jerry) Xu

Class of 2021: Sean McDermott

Class of 2022: Gabriel Bravo-Cancino, Craig Jeffery, Matthew Martucci,

Second Honors

Class of 2020: Kyle Cardenas, Ethan Johnson


First Honors

Class of 2020: Christopher Hughes, Vincent Iacuone, Brian Romaniello

Class of 2021: Ohm Patel, Jared Tobin

Class of 2022: Chandler Dicks, Mark MacDaniel


First Honors

Class of 2019: Thomas Minar

Class of 2020: Ryan Cafferty

Class of 2021: Max Bothwell

Class of 2022: Ryan Brimecombe, Nicholas Gugliotti

Second Honors

Class of 2021: Aidan Enright


First Honors

Class of 2019: Anthony Bruno, Robert Damjanovich, Ian Hayden

Class of 2020: Sean Kiernan

Class of 2021: Jacob Carson

Second Honors

Class of 2019:

Class of 2020: Mason Brenchak

Class of 2021: Owen Clark

First Honors

Class of 2019: Hyunwoo (Daniel) Kwak

Class of 2020: Maxwell Jacobson

Class of 2021: Antonio Mantero, Alexander Ozonoff, Marcus Yancoskie

Class of 2022: Kenneth McGovern

Notre Dame High School of West Haven is an all-boys Catholic, college preparatory school sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross.