Letter: Hartford Needs A Nonpartisan Leader

Letter to the Editor,

Seymour is at a crossroads with the education and training of our youth – what we need to move forward is a senator in Hartford who will represent us with experience, accountability, and leadership with no partisanship. That person is Monica Tujak Brill.

Monica was a single mother who raised and educated 3 daughters. She is fully aware, and advocates for, the funding of education for students entering college and vocational schools. She has experienced firsthand the need for Connecticut to develop an economic strategy that generates a long term recovery while building an economy that provides good paying jobs and more opportunity for young workers entering the workforce.

She cares deeply about education, and believes that the state and our local boards of education can be doing much better preparing our children for the future. If elected to be our state Senator she will work hard to move legislation that would mandate that education revenue goes to the classrooms, while eliminating wasteful bureaucratic spending. As a retired public school teacher I want to see every teacher succeed. It’s vital that classroom teachers are given the right tools and support necessary to do their jobs.

Monica Tujak Brill brings to the table an understanding of the need of an economic strategy that generates a long term recovery. As a State Senator in Hartford representing Seymour, Shelton, Stratford, and Monroe she will work collaboratively across party lines to tackle Connecticut’s economic challenges ahead; challenges that are too big for one party to tackle alone.

Who would you trust working on our budget, lawyers and insurance executives or a CPA?

Monica is a CPA, and for 30 years has been charged with balancing the books for large organizations. She has pledged to use those skills to ensure that we pass sensible budgets that promote real economic growth, but not on the backs of working families, unions, and seniors. As our voice in Hartford Monica will make it her mission to relieve the state financial burden on middle and working class families by eliminating wasteful spending and asking the right questions as to where your hard earned tax dollars go. 

I hope that you join me on November 6th and Vote for Monica Tujak Brill as our State Senator for the 21st Senatorial District, which includes the towns of Monroe, Seymour, Shelton and Stratford.

Kristine Bourret

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