Logan Paul Controversy And Debating The Last Jedi

This week The Valley Indy goes in a different direction with a podcast episode RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES!

We talk Logan Paul and then have Derby’s Dave Lenart on to talk about “The Last Jedi,” the latest installment in the miraculously rejuvenated “Star Wars” franchise.

Warning: the Lenart portion of the podcast, which begins at roughly the 23-minute mark into the episode, contains every conceivable SPOILER possible. Proceed with caution.

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Unless you were already aware of who he is, you probably barely paid attention to the news this week about Logan Paul, the YouTube idol/comedian who has a massive following of (mostly young) people on YouTube.

Paul is like a self-aware Vanilla Ice morphed with the blond Cobra-Kai guy from “The Karate Kid” with a little Johnny ‘Jackass’ Knoxville thrown in.

He posts wacky videos every day clearly aimed at little kids who adore him for his sort of “I’m a frat boy but I’m your cool friend so let’s chill bro,” vibe.

Paul just hit the mainstream with an appearance on “Top Chef.” He topped that off by filming the aftermath of a suicide in a video on a channel geared toward kids.

Valley Indy reporter Eugene Driscoll talks about his 7-year-old son, Jack, coming across the video of the Christmas break.

If you’re not interested in Driscoll’s nonlocal rant, skip ahead to listen to Lenart talk “Star Wars.”



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