Miller And Behuniak Answer The Tough Questions In Seymour-Centric Podcast

For this episode of “Navel Gazing: The Valley Indy Podcast,” I’m joined by Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller and Stephan Behuniak for a wide-ranging discussion of issues in Seymour.

Press play to listen.

The conversation starts with Miller answering whether he’s taken on a job with the City of Ansonia.

I then press the two elected officials on whether authorities in Seymour released adequate information connected to the locker-room sexual assault of a football player by a fellow football player.

Although a press release at the time of the arrest chose to point out the incident was not hazing, there was no information about whether adequate supervision policies in place at the time of the violence act, and, if there was, was anyone in a position of power held accountable for not following procedure?


Then Miller and Behuniak field a number of questions posed by Valley Indy-Facebook readers. The reader-generated questions range from paving roads to whether Behuniak, a leader in the local Democratic Party, supports a recent state push to nudge schools toward consolidation.

The discussion ends with a rundown of Miller’s recently proposed budget, which is currently under review by the town’s finance board and will go to voters in the spring.

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