No Changes To Election Results After Ansonia Recount

Photo: Ethan FryA recount by Ansonia election officials Tuesday confirmed the results of aldermanic races in two wards and a referendum question.

The results, announced just before 5 p.m. by Registrars of Voters Thomas Maffeo and Nancy Valentine, mean the new Board of Aldermen will have nine Republicans and five Democrats when it meets for the first time next month.

That’s a seismic shift from the current makeup of the board, which has 10 Democrats and four Republicans.

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In the city’s First Ward, Tuesday’s recount confirmed that current Aldermen Edward Adamowski and Charles Stowe were reelected. The totals were:

  • Edward Adamowski (Dem.): 269
  • Charles Stowe (Rep.): 268
  • Natalie Biasucci (Rep.): 258
  • Peter Marcinko (Rep.): 256

The candidates’ totals were identical to those from Election Night, with the exception of Marcinko, who lost 2 votes in the recount.

In the Third Ward, Joseph Jeanette Jr. and Denice Hunt were elected. The totals were:

  • Joseph Jeanette Jr. (Dem.) : 234
  • Denice Hunt (Dem.): 222
  • Valeria Wells (Rep.): 218
  • Daniel King (Rep.): 206

Those totals were all identical to the tallies from Election Night.

Officials on Tuesday also recounted the results of a citywide referendum question which asked whether residents approved of borrowing $495,000 to pay for road and parking improvements on Woodbridge Avenue Extension, Beech Street, the Hilltop Hose Driveway, and the West Main Street parking lot.

On election night the question passed by one vote, 1,819-1,818.

After the recount, the results were:

  • YES: 1,818
  • NO: 1,816

Photo: Ethan FryTwo of the aldermanic candidates involved in recounted races — Adamowski and King — stopped in at City Hall as election officials tabulated votes Tuesday.

Officials knew the results from the aldermanic races relatively early, with only a few hundred votes to count in each ward, but because the referendum question had to be recounted as well, every ballot cast in the city on Election Day had to be checked and counted again.

While doing so, a handful of ballots turned up some interesting write-in votes, including: Mickey Mouse for mayor, Donald and Daffy Duck for Aldermen, and Felix the Cat and Lassie for Board of Education.


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