Papcin: I Will Innovate If Elected Registrar

Back in May when I announced my candidacy for Republican Registrar of Voters, I wanted to go into November with a mindset of innovation for the office. My message to the voters is that we can take an often overlooked office, and bring in the power of innovation to bring it to its fullest potential. Efficiency is everything, especially when it is for the taxpayer.

After claiming victory in the August 14th primary, and seeing the turnout, I was pleased that the discussion was widespread throughout our city, because it proved that we need new perspectives. The best way to do that is to bring the message to the voters, and take initiative.

Since August, I’ve took some much needed time off, hit the books, and begun dialogue across a variety of departments with regards to how we can integrate important issues into our election system.

I’ve looked to establish a poly-partisan committee on increasing Voter Registration and Turnout. I’d like for this to become more extensive in the time ahead, and I hope to make research a core component of the office if elected. In fact, some of the ideas I’ve had may require more than action on Ansonia’s legislative level, but higher up the chain.

I’m excited going into Tuesday, and if elected, I want to prove to the voters that we can lead into the future on the prospect of innovation, regardless of office. My desire to entire the political scene, especially at such a young age, is because of a passion to innovate, and a passion to give.

Passion is high in politics right now, but often the message is lost in the commotion. My last message going into Tuesday is put innovation first when you go to vote (and make sure you vote!). I hope I may earn your support.

David Papcin

The writer is running for Republican Registrar of Voters in Ansonia and also serves as the chairman of the Republican Town Committee and on the city’s Board of Apportionment and Taxation.

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