Parkins Loses P&Z Spot In Shelton

FILE In Shelton’s 2017 election, Mayor Mark Lauretti ran unopposed to a 14th term — but the most significant race on the ticket consisted of the battle for the three available spots on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

With the help of residents who also support “responsible development,” Republican candidate Mark Widomski was elected to the P&Z commission after receiving 5,091 votes, which is equivalent to 25 percent of the race’s total votes. Both incumbent commissioners Jimmy Tickey, a Democrat, and Tony Pogoda, a Republican, were also re elected to the P&Z after receiving 3,812 and 4,803 votes.

Chairman Ruth Parkins, although she collected 3,973 total votes, lost her seat to Widomski because of the rule that limited no more than two candidates from the same party being elected.

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