Perillo Says No To Early Voting

Shelton State Rep. Jason Perillo took to the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday to speak in opposition to a proposed amendment to the state constitution which he said “would essentially allow the legislature to make sweeping changes to the current process of casting ballots for elections if it so chooses.”

Perillo said in a press release issued Thursday that proponents of the amendment have indicated that they would like to move the state toward early voting, something which is far from a fool-proof, integral and safe method of casting votes.

“I think we all recognize that voters live busy and mobile lives,” Perillo said. “But this proposed amendment to the state constitution removes essential protections. It is far too broad, and truly runs the risk of compromising the integrity of votes that are cast for public office in the state.”

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“We have to be honest with ourselves,” Perillo said. “Not every voter out there is well intended. There are those who work hard to abuse the system to their advantage.”

He pointed to the example of Sam Adoino and Sam Adoino, Jr., who he said in October 2010 took out 250 absentee ballots from the Bridgeport City Clerk’s Office under the address of 1238 North Ave. in Bridgeport — a vacant lot.

“There are bad actors,” he said. “There are those who aim to manipulate the system and abuse it to impact elections. While we focus on those who want to do the right thing, we need to protect against those who do not. This amendment will make it easier for people like these to succeed in that effort.”


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