Photographers Flock To Sterling Opera House

Members of the Housatonic Camera Club recently took a field trip to document in photos the inside of the Sterling Opera House.

Participating photographers made a tax deductible donation to the Valley Community Foundation’s Sterling Opera House Fund.

Since January there have been over 50 photographers documenting the structure, probably making it more photographed now than when it was open.

Photos are still being sought of the building while it was open and may be forwarded to the Mayor of Derby’s office at 1 Elizabeth St. in Derby.

Many of the photographers’ photos can be found on Flickr.

Pictured here from left in the photo are Bert Schmitz, Brian Wilcox, Rick Pauline, Lazlo Gyorsok (with Accordion) and Emery Roth.


posted by: Frank Sutton on June 21, 2013  8:07am

Aside from a stillbirth, nothing represents the city of Derby better than the Sterling Opera House—a boarded up building that has served as a pigeon coop for the the last 60 years.