Podcast: Ansonia Couple Looks To Start Paranormal Investigation School

Photo:Ethan FryHusband and wife Scott and Jillian Hamilton stopped by Valley Indy office Tuesday (March 25) to talk about a project they’re starting in Ansonia: a paranormal investigation school.

Called “Family Haunts,” their group is currently working part-time out of the Ansonia Public Library, but hope to eventually move into the old Ansonia Opera House on Main Street — if they can get the funding together to fix up the 19th-century space and rent part of it.

They say they’re also in talks with a production company that is looking to do a TV show about their work.

The Hamiltons, who have lived in Ansonia for four years, said they have long been interested in paranormal investigations but wanted to start a school because often, people looking for ghosts or evidence of other paranormal activity do it the wrong way — i.e. go onto a property without the owner’s permission, and get booked for trespassing. (Ahem)

For more info, email familyhaunts1@yahoo.com or call 203-308-8456.

Click the play button below to hear the podcast.

And click here to check out the Family Haunts Facebook page for more information about the group.


posted by: Chris Baricko on April 1, 2014  9:06am

Well How unreal is this. We have a husband & wife groups called Family Haunts out of Ansonia CT that clearly only have 1 interest in mind. 15 min of fame. Now my self and 4 other groups who grew up in the area never heard of them.

They want to open a school to teach people about the paranormal. They said it is $150.00 for a 6 week course and you get a certificate. Gee that means absolutely nothing. You might as well just print one up yourself. Now if you listen to there poadcast they say when a member turns 21 that get initiated with a paranormal beat down. Are you freaking kidding me? So Lets pay a bunch of unknown   group of people $150.00 to have them tech you there way of the paranormal. They are in talks with a production company should be a huge red flag

Now what make them qualified. I do know what does now. They Have no web page,Do what they call paranormal beat downs,Claim over 50 years Experience ( Don’t see how)  And they perform exorcisms. Um don’t think so. And they were just Founded in 2001 on there facebook page, Sorry I been around since 1989 and am always happy to teach or share what I know free. Fact is we do funraiser to help raise money not make money. We never have and never will take a dime

This is in my opinion is clearly nothing more than a family hoping to cash in   on the paranormal. Save your money if you want to learn about the paranormal look up reputable group and we will be glad to teach you FREE.

posted by: Carol Sardinha on April 2, 2014  12:52pm

Not for nothing, but Chris Baricko, did you actually LISTEN to the pod cast?  As far as I heard, Mr. Hamilton did NOT make ANY of the claims that you have stated.  Then again, with your spelling errors and wonderful grammatical use throughout your article and the fact that you are known for casting dispersions as evidenced by the following: http://www.examiner.com/article/lorraine-warren-s-the-conjuring-screening-leaves-fans-upset-connecticut
and the fact that your OWN website, as evidenced by the comments on YOUR facebook page is relatively new, where is YOUR own credibility? And honestly, why do you even post that you had an “investigation” where the results that YOU state were the mixing of alcohol and medication?  I wouldn’t even list that! Unless you are attempting to increase your own “credibility” by listing all these “investigations” where nothing is found. Just because a team doesn’t have a web site does not make it non-credible.  Oh and while we are on the subject, does Gurney Productions know that you lifted their footage of when TAPS investigated Sterling Opera house?  The residents of the town were under the impression that TAPS were the only ones to investigate at that time.  Also, your “Paranormal Night at the Lodge”, not only are you performing an investigation at that time, but also a lecture during a 3 hour time period.  I know of very credible groups that can’t do the same in that kind of time frame.  (and YOU are charging $10 per person to attend both the investigation and the lecture)Sounds a bit interesting…

posted by: Chris Baricko on April 2, 2014  1:12pm

Well lets get some facts that clearly your wrong about in order.

A web site is a tool people use to check on if your on the up and up. Get information on you before they let you into there home or location. So Not having one is a red flag

1-The article on the Examiner was not written by me but by the reporter so any spelling you can take up with him.
2-Facebook is new so we decided to go on there to network with other groups we know.
3-We list all investigations we get permission for in writing regardless of our findings. It is showing people that not every locations is haunted & why, The medication is a way to get the public educated as what else can make people think they have paranormal activity.

Now the Sterling opera house footage shows how little you really know. That is our footage we even have footage right after trying to make the ball move. and The person who runs the investigations was there with us and is the one talking asking to move to ball.

The paranormal night at the lodge we were asked to do as a fundraiser for the lodge we are not making a penny. In fact what they wanted to donate to our group We told them to donate to Jadyen the little girl who got in the bus accident in Enfield.

So you really need to do more home work and get your facts in order before spouting off with none of you rants true.. We are respected and work with other groups as we have for years. And not once have we nor would we ever charge for anything..Feel free to ask around and again gets your facts straight before ranting

posted by: Carol Sardinha on April 2, 2014  3:07pm

Its funny that when you comment on my statements, you never bring up the fact that you obviously did NOT listen to the podcast as Mr. Hamilton never said ANYTHING about a certificate nor was there anything even alluding to this statement that you made: “Now if you listen to there poadcast they say when a member turns 21 that get initiated with a paranormal beat down” nor do they state ANYthing about doing exorcisms (you do realize that just stating something like this could get you in trouble).

Your flyer on your facebook page does not indicate that the Lodge event is a fundraiser for ANYthing.  And Again I ask how could you or ANY group do an investigation at a location AND a lecture during 3 hours.  I know that when TAPS was in Derby it took longer than that to set up. 

By the way, you may want to have someone proofread YOUR posts here as it was YOUR comments HERE that I was referring to.  In the article that the reporter wrote, the grammar and spelling were perfect.  Oh in the comment that you made that I quoted above the word that you used “there”, it means “over there” not “they are” or the correct spelling “they’re”

posted by: Chris Baricko on April 2, 2014  3:42pm

I will message you were he said in writing you get a certificate when I asked

Listen to the full podcast not the edited one that is up. They clearly say what they call paranormal beat down Many of us heard it.

I will also send you were they advertise they do exorcisms

And were do you see anything saying we are investigating the lodge the same night as the event. News flash we are not we do it 1-2 weeks before

Once again you have no clue what your saying.  I would love to know were your getting this information LOL.

posted by: Nicole Ortiz on April 2, 2014  5:14pm

Ms. Sardinha the statement regarding exorcisms was made on the same site you reviewed this team on. Stating that they perform exorcisms would imply that a team member is either a bishop or a priest who has been appointed to do so. As a perspective client I would expect these credentials to be listed. The information being referred to is not simply from this pod cast alone. I have also looked into this group and have found the statements made by Chris to be true. There are several interviews where contradictory statements were made by this team regarding their time spent in this field of research. There is also screenshot which shows the cost of this class as well as receipt of a certificate. The talk of casting calls and the fact that they’re in talks with a production company were in fact all statements made by the team themselves. I don’t see an issue with the team wanting to be on television as many teams aspire to do so. I think that where the issue for many would come into play is that it appears the “school” is the gimmick to do so. Are they really wanting to help educate people on the paranormal or is it a way to get on television? They have also made statements as being the first paranormal school in the country which is false. TAPS has been doing this for quite some time now but without certification on participants. The whole basis of a paranormal school raises many questions. What qualifies anyone in this field to certify someone? This field is not a proven science. Perhaps they can claim to certify a person in their method of investigation but that would be as far as it goes. If a person should choose to pay to take this course offered by Family Haunts that is their prerogative and certainly they are entitled to such. However, many teams would gladly offer this information free of charge. It’s all a personal choice. Many of the photographs on their Facebook page are simple camera malfunctions. One picture caption states there is a demon in the ceiling rafters. The picture itself is blurred and out of focus so how can such a statement be made? I would be interested in viewing the exif information on the original photo. I would also further question the picture that was taken in your home. Certainly I do not know the layout of your home Ms. Sardinha, but it does appear that the picture was taken in some type of reflective surface. After putting the photograph through my software there appears to be what looks like the framing of two windows. Again, I do not know the layout of your home so I can certainly be mistaken. I would be happy to forward you the lightened image so that you may inspect for yourself. It is honorable of you to step in and speak up for this team as it appears they have helped you in your situation. I am happy that you were able to receive the help you needed at the time. However, when a group puts themselves out there publicly people will scrutinize on a deeper level. I do realize that some teams opt to handle their affairs in a more private fashion which can be commendable. I do find it odd that this team has been in existence since 2001 and any local group I have spoken with has not yet heard of or about them in any way. This doesn’t mean that the team isn’t legit but it is a bit puzzling.