READ: The Proposed Ansonia Budget

The City of Ansonia’s proposed budget is a tough one, with potential cuts to services such as the public library in an effort to keep the tax rate stable — which, in turn, officials say, will help attract new investment and grow the grand list.

Click here to read the most recent Valley Indy story on the budget.

In the lower Naugatuck Valley, it’s surprisingly hard to actually get your eyes on the spending plans public officials are talking about.

Despite new websites and active social media use, neither Ansonia nor Derby put their budgets online while the documents are being put together.

That’s where the Valley Indy comes in.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the spending plan Ansonia officials were debating last week. Click the link to make the document larger.

Ansonia BOA Finance Budget June 8, 2017 by The Valley Indy on Scribd


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